Photobucket What to do with pork belly ?

I was walking through the Meat aisle at Tesco yesterday, when a really lean piece of
pork belly caught my eye. Being chinese and chinese like their pork, I didn't think
twice and put it in my basket. Immediately I had flashes in my head about different
ways how it could be prepared and I was happy with my purchase!

I do not usually buy pork belly {as it most often is half fat and half meat and the fat
usually just ends up in the bin! } but this one was a great piece.

Tonight as I came home, I was pleasantly surprised by my fiance who was busy
making dinner and I got really excited when I saw that he had marinaded the
pork belly and it already looked delicious! As I left him all organised in the kitchen,
I started to set the table and waited impatiently for 'eating time'! :)

Great mix of colours and flavours, I could already smell the garlic and onions mixed 
with the sweetness of the peppers and of course the flavour of the sizzling pork
... yummm...

Dish is now ready and if it wasn't so hot, I would have already tasted a bit!

Next the veggie - Pak Choy

{ before }  and { after } So the veg is now ready and oh the noodles are ready too!!

Noodle soup in plain broth seasoned with salt and pepper, sesame oil, chilli flakes, lettuce leaves and spring onion

Time to eat now!!! Thanks for dinner baby boon!! :)

Yummmm!!!!!   Bon appetit!!

Deliciously yours,
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