Nothing lifts the spirits like the smell of a cake baking, the first slice of a warm, homemade tart or delicious hot soup on a cold winter day ...

Food is what makes me happy and I would like to share the joy it gives me with you! 
Sweet Tooth Delights or Savoury Guilty Pleasures, welcome to my blog!

Deliciously yours ♡



My name is Shirleen.  Friends call me 'Shirl'. 

Mauritian born and raised, I am now living in one of the greatest cities of the world : London.

And YES : I am a Total Foodie !!
I enjoy tasting delicious food and trying out different cuisines. 

Often I would come across Food Blogs browsing the web and I always enjoy spending time going through all the delicious food pictures and reading about different people's experience with food on their Food Blog. So finally, I took some time to make up my template and decided it was time I join in the fun of sharing food experiences and also recipes with the World! ... with YOU! 

I love eating, cooking and travelling, and my latest hobby is now :  Blogging. 

Taking pictures of Food has become a MUST and I do it every single day!  Be it a simple lunch at the corner cafe, my home cooked dinner or a beautiful dinner at a Restaurant, I have to take a picture to immortalise the moment before the big fat cow in me eats it all!  :) 

   Photobucket       ...        Photobucket       ...        Photobucket

So here I am : Shirl -The Foodie {dot} blogspot {dot} com

My blog will be about sharing my Food Experiences with you every time I can. 

Eating, Munching, Snacking, Cooking, Baking, Drooling, Cravings and everything I love about Food in all its tastes and shapes!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and do drop me a comment so I know U came by!

Sharing the Love of Food,

Deliciously Yours,
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