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What's for din-din tonight?

Feeling a bit lazy after a Very Cold Day at Work today, My Fiance and I decided to make the
most of the Capital FM Voucher valid at GBK { Gourmet Burger Kitchen } -
Buy one and have a second one for £1 - of which 90p goes to charity.  

Bargain! And also contributing to charity!

So what to have?

We have been to GBK many times now and here are a few shots of what we've tried so far

The Big Tasty ORIGINAL American - Style Burger with Chunky Chips ! 

To drink, we always get the Oreo Milkshake to share. 
It has scrumpy crushed Oreo cookies in it blended with very cold ice-cream 
served in a big metal cup. You will go back for more! Trust me!

Then came the NAKED BURGER - The burger without the Bun -
 served with fresh salad and coleslaw.  
Since we've tried it - we simply just got hooked! 

 Take a Look!

On the side, instead of the chunky chips - just swap it for the Onion Rings 
They are super crispy. You need to try it! 
They are the best one I've ever had ... EveR !!

GBK - Gourmet Burger Kitchen 
Here and Everywhere in London! 


  1. You have started in great style. Nice personal touch in each post. keep it up. Can't stare at food pics too long, makes me hungry :(

  2. Thanks Has!! :p I'll keep it up and keep u hungry! :p hehe!


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