Photobucket The Breakfast Club

When morning broke on this Sunday in June, it was bright, sunny, hot and beautiful!!!
Very rare for a day in London!

How better to start a day like this but with a wonderful breakfast at 
The Breakfast Club near Spitalfields Market! 

Thanks to Foodie Friend Rie, we discovered this well hidden place off the busy Bishopsgate Street.

We had to wait for a bit to get to our table but it was well worth it! 
The Breakfast Club was buzzing with  big families, groups of friends and couples 
all looking really happy and enjoying a nice breakfast, and we couldn't wait!

The interior was very casual, but the little funky objects made the place really fun. 
Say hello to Mr Snoopy the Lamp. ^.^

Once seated, it was time to scan the menu and choose wisely! 
My first instinct was to look what the others around were having and all looked really yummy.
Sunny side up eggs on toast came for our 'neighbours', then came the American 
pancakes stacked up nicely with berries topped with syrup, 

ahhhh difficult choice to make as I wanted to try everything!

Food was ordered and for drinks we had a pitcher of the Apple, Carrot and Orange Juice 
with a rather strong ginger kick to start. 

Shortly after, our food was served. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves!

The Full Monty English Breakfast

The Posh Sausage Sandwich

The All American Breakfast

Avocado, Poached Egg and Red Chillies served with Crispy Bacon

It was all wonderful but my favourite of today was the All American Breakfast 
with the Maple Syrup! Oh and the scramble egg looked really yummy too! :p 

I will probably have this on my next visit which I'm already looking forward to!

Before heading off to enjoy the rest of the day and sunlight, we finished off with a caffeine fix! 
Me with my usual Latte served in the Breakfast Club - PacMan Cup 
while my other half got a really nice Coffee Art with his Caramel Latte.

The Regular Latte

The Caramel Latte

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we had a wonderful time on our first 
visit to the Breakfast Club. 

We will surely visit again soon ...  until then ...
 Happy Summer Everyone! It's finally here!!!

12-16 Artillery Lane
E1 7LS  London

Photobucket At The Diner in Central London

If you are looking for an all American Style Diner in London, simply head to 
The Diner in Soho just off popular Carnaby Street in the West End London.

Simple and uncomplicated, with everything you would expect from a Diner 
(speaking from experience through what can be seen on TV ), the only thing 
missing would probably be the waitresses on their roller skates! 
Oh well, can't get everything nowadays!! :p

Very Original Logo of The Diner 

So one lovely afternoon, we grabbed a quick bite at The Diner and were left pretty 
happy after our very copious meal!

As starters, the chilli fries were a treat! I have not had chilli fries for a very long time 
and after having tasted this one, I will definitely be coming back for more! 
We also had their onions rings to share as a starter which pretty much 
lost attention next to the chilli fries!

Very unhealthy fried starters but so yummy when eaten! 

For mains, unless you are really hungry for carbs, I would not recommend the burrito! 
So filling and heavy, it felt like eating a brick and especially after the chilli fries ... 
hmm...  if I knew I'd have the chilli fries as my main! :)

Not so attractive Burrito when it was served ... 

But then again ... when I saw The Diner burger coming, it was clear I'd made the wrong choice 
with the burrito which only looked appetising on the menu...

The Diner Burger served as an Open Bun ...  Look at the bacon and cheese! omg!

I had a bite and I guess you can never go wrong with a Burger at a Diner! :)   
It looked scrumptious and it was!

This time we did not have any dessert but it's on my list to try and next time 
we will go straight for the dessert section ... ok... maybe a portion of chilli fries to get us started! 
hehe... We shall see when the time comes!

The Diner we visited was the one in Soho but depending on where is most convenient for you, 
The Diner also has a branch in Islington, Camden, Shoreditch and Kensal Rise.

18 Ganton Street 

Photobucket Choccowoccydoodah !!!

Woohoo!! We're almost there! Choccywoccydoodah!! 

It was my first trip to Brighton and sadly, the Sun decided not to make any appearance! 

Lucky for me ChoccywoccyDoodah was there to cheer me up!

Without the Sunshine in Brighton, it felt like a ghost town ... {see for yourself - image below }

The Beach @ Brighton 

Not a soul on the beach except from us!  
It was not what I expected from Brighton but different is nice sometimes.

Instead of soaking up the absent Sun, we headed to the well known Chocolate Heaven.
Choccywoccydoodah, Bar du Chocolat.

 I was told about it recently from a friend who had been to Brighton 
ew weeks earlier (when the Sun was still shining) ... 
and a visit was highly recommended!!

What can I say ...  It was simply divine!!  Let the pictures do the talking !  (^.^)


Hot Chocolate -  Strawberry and White Chocolate Truffle Milkshake -  Cheeky Monkey Sundae 

Will definitely be recommending this little piece of Heaven on Earth to future visitors of Brighton. 
It was a tiny little Cafe which could hold at most 15 people but cosy and very very colourful with a very specific Art which you have to see for yourself!  

Overall, a very pleasant experience but you should be ready for a Sugar Overdose 
once you leave this place! ^.^

OMG! How Delicious does that look!!!  Yummmmm!!!!

4 Duke Street
East Sussex, BN1 1AG
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