Photobucket Choccowoccydoodah !!!

Woohoo!! We're almost there! Choccywoccydoodah!! 

It was my first trip to Brighton and sadly, the Sun decided not to make any appearance! 

Lucky for me ChoccywoccyDoodah was there to cheer me up!

Without the Sunshine in Brighton, it felt like a ghost town ... {see for yourself - image below }

The Beach @ Brighton 

Not a soul on the beach except from us!  
It was not what I expected from Brighton but different is nice sometimes.

Instead of soaking up the absent Sun, we headed to the well known Chocolate Heaven.
Choccywoccydoodah, Bar du Chocolat.

 I was told about it recently from a friend who had been to Brighton 
ew weeks earlier (when the Sun was still shining) ... 
and a visit was highly recommended!!

What can I say ...  It was simply divine!!  Let the pictures do the talking !  (^.^)


Hot Chocolate -  Strawberry and White Chocolate Truffle Milkshake -  Cheeky Monkey Sundae 

Will definitely be recommending this little piece of Heaven on Earth to future visitors of Brighton. 
It was a tiny little Cafe which could hold at most 15 people but cosy and very very colourful with a very specific Art which you have to see for yourself!  

Overall, a very pleasant experience but you should be ready for a Sugar Overdose 
once you leave this place! ^.^

OMG! How Delicious does that look!!!  Yummmmm!!!!

4 Duke Street
East Sussex, BN1 1AG
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