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Photobucket  Hey Everyone!

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything on this blog.  It always brings me great joy going through all the posts though, as this is my first ever blog I've created. I still recall all the hard work I've put in to make it as relevant as possible!

Since then, I have now moved to a new blog where it is more than talking about food. I now blog at which is a lifestyle blog.

Please drop by to say hello and hope that you enjoy reading the posts!

Take care xx


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Hello everyone!

Today I'm claiming my blog on Bloglovin so you can follow my updates more easily! :)

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Photobucket Bodean's BBQ Smoke House in London

- " Need no teef to eat my beef" -

If you fancy an all American BBQ Meat fix... Bodean's is the place to go. 
I've been to 2 of their branches, one in Soho and the other in Tower Hill, and both times had a crazy meat-fest which was finger-lickin good! 

As we had my cousin visiting from abroad last week, I thought it'd be nice to have him try the All American BBQ at Bodean's and more specifically the pulled pork. 

We went to the Soho branch and as we were a group of 6, we were seated downstairs where there were more comfy booths for us to sit.

The Bodean's Menu is pretty extensive with lots of options and combinations to try. Naturally, being a greedy cow and wanting to eat bits of everything, we ordered the Platters to Share. 

Beware ... they are HUGE and although they say platters for 2, they are definitely big enough to share between 3 or even 4 if you are also going to have sides and starters... and desserts!

We had 2 X Boss Hog Platter to share between the 6 of us and trust me... it was more than enough! 

Boss Hog Platter 

The Boss Hog Platter consists of a full selection of their finest meats including Spare ribs, Baby back ribs, a Jacob's Ladder Beef Rib, Burnt Ends, Pulled Pork, Chicken Things and 2 Smoked Sausages all served with Fries and Coleslaw. AND as if this was not enough ... we also ordered succulent Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings and Onion Rings as sides. 

Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Crispy Onion Rings 

Too good to resist! The Buffalo Wings are really really delicious and there's no other way to eat them but with your fingers!!  The milkshakes are also nice if you want to go for the Full on American experience! Just ensure you go there hungry so you can actually eat and drink everything they have to offer! :p

If you're planning to be a regular at Bodean's, then sign up to the Bodean's BBQ - Q Card. 
This can be done online on their website and then they send you a card via Post. 
As a member of Q Card, you can then benefit from great deals such as free desserts or free 1/2 dozen of Buffalo Wings! :p  I've signed up and waiting to receive my card ... it's free and there's no harm in having one in my purse 'just in case'! :) 


10 Poland Street
London W1F 8PZ
Tel: 020 7287 7575

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