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Hi Guys,

Taking some days off as I'm travelling abroad for a few weeks and it will be difficult to keep up updating you on my daily Foodie Adventures!

But worry not, I will be back with Fantastic Experiences I'm sure!

Until then, Take care



Photobucket STARBUCKS - Where is my Maccha Frapuccino?

Oh my! Wonderful weather in London today which is pretty rare especially here!

We were blessed by warm sunshine this weekend gone too {thankful!} ,
and although it was a bit shy today, we still managed to enjoy some rays
of sunshine and bits of blue sky.

It wasn't hot enough to crave for some ice crushed drinks as yet
{ Starbuck's Frapuccinos - to be precise } but this thought of Summer coming
{quickly I hope!} got me wanting the maccha frapuccino which is so popular
in the Far-East side of the world and yet, non-existent in London and Europe.

Hmmmm... doesn't this look tempting? ^.^

So what will it take to finally bring this flavour to the UK ??

I guess I will just have to travel across the world to get it myself!!


Photobucket Lunch at Hunter 486 - The Arch Hotel London

Ladies who lunch!

I remember fondly a wonderful lunch I had in the company of lovely Ladies at Hunter 486
at The Arch London Hotel in Marble Arch last year.

The Arch London is a luxury boutique hotel which I would recommend any day! 
The service is friendly, uncomplicated and simply amazing. 
The decor is contemporary yet comfortable and stylish.

Trying out their restaurant was an experience which we enjoyed!

For Starters, I chose to have the Celeriac soup.
I have never cooked with celeriac before and wondered what it would taste like. 
And of course it's the Parmesan Croquant which attracted my attention! :p

The soup was very rich and creamy. Slightly on the salty side to my taste buds, 
it did not have a lot of flavour and I still wasn't too sure what 
celeriac taste was supposed to be ...  
but the Parmesan Cheese Croquant just made it for me. 
Crispy and the perfect accompaniment to the soup.

For our next course, we all decided to go for different mains. 
And this is the selection we had.

Photobucket Birthday Brunch at Aubaine - Heddon Street

On Sunday, we celebrated my Birthday (yey!) with some of my friends
at AUBAINE for a lunch / brunch. A place I was meant to be trying out as recommended 
by a Friend, another Foodie, who knows of the places to eat! 

To my surprise however, after having done my booking at Aubaine on Heddon Street,
he pointed out that he loves AUBAINE located in Old Compton Road only... 
Too late though. The booking was done and we were just gonna have to see for ourselves!


As I walked into the little street leading to the Restaurant off busy Regent Street,
Aubaine gave a very welcoming picture with its very French feel exterior and 
interior which could be seen through the big glass windows.

Since we had a private room for the event, our party unfortunately took 
place in the basement area but it was still a very well 
decorated and fit for private event.

Food wise, I would say that it was ok. Not amazingly Superb ... simply ok.

For starters, I chose the 'Eggs Benedict' which I was told was sublime
 ... hmm... A little disappointing, sublime it wasn't ...
But the egg was perfectly poached so I could not complain.
The hollandaise sauce was thick and creamy and I wished the piece of 
toast at the bottom was a toasted brioche just the way I like it!
 Ah! Room for improvement!!
And maybe served with some greens for some balance??
The Chef should definitely be taking some tips over here!!  ;)

Photobucket Napolitaines from Mauritius

Surprise from Mauritius!

When my cousins came back from their trip to Mauritius, they brought me ' ene ti parcel', which means a little package from my mum.

What a nice surprise it was! And it was definitely not a small package!!

Yummmmmmmm.......   Delicious Napolitaines!

Just a bite! Just a bite! Crumbly pastry, fruity jam and a delicate slim layer of pink icing! Hmmmm...  :)

And in addition to these sweet tooth delights, my lovely mum also sent me some flowers - Anthuriums, they are called. So lovely! They all came from a very slim long box but when opened up, the flowers and leaves kept coming out!! I did not have enough vases to display them all so had to improvise with my glass bottles of water which I knew would come in handy at some point!! hehe!!

Oh and Look!! They come in three beautiful colours!

Simply Beautiful!!!


Photobucket My Birthday Celebration @ AQUA

Yesterday was my annual special day - My Birthday!

To celebrate, Mr. A took me to a Restaurant I had yet to try: AQUA KYOTO
part of the well known AQUA Restaurant Group in Hong Kong, now in London.

Set on top of London's most iconic buildings along Regent Street, 
AQUA London is a destination for exquisite dining experience of cutting edge cuisines 
with very chic interiors. 

As soon as we made it into the entrance welcomed by a suited ' body guard' like host 
and we were promptly directed to the lift which took us to the 5th floor 
where AQUA KYOTO was located. 

As we stepped out of the lift, we were immediately greeted by 
very well groomed hostesses who offered to take our coats and 
then accompanied us to our table. 

AQUA KYOTO offers a very cool Japanese atmosphere in the heart of London 
and as we walked to our table, we passed the already buzzing stylish bar,  
the Fabulous sunken sushi bar and the famous sumibiyaki charcoal grill.

The Sunken Sushi Bar 

The atmosphere was great and in such lovely company, I was in for a memorable experience!  
Cheers to that!!

Virgin Cocktails :p 

Photobucket Japanese Tofu

To start off, in addition to pancakes day today, it is also the International Women's Day!

I wish you all Ladies out there a very Special Day!!

Today, I will share with you one of the fine ingredients which I love and show you how I prepare it 'my way'. =(^.^)=

~ Japanese Tofu ~

A very delicate ingredient, soft and so delicious.

You can buy Japanese Tofu from the Chinese Supermarket in Chinatown and it comes in a sealed tube. The First step is to cut the Japanese Tofu into 1.5cm thick slices.

Then heat up some oil in a pan ready to shallow fry the Tofu. It will look like scallops at this stage!

Once the Japanese Tofu is nicely fried and golden like this ...

... it can be used in many dishes... mixed with fresh stir fried green chinese vegetables or with some bean sauce and mince pork and vegetables like the dish below :

Hmmmmmmm Yummmmmm!!!

Bon Ap!!

Deliciously Yours,

Photobucket Pancakes Day !!!

Tomorrow is Pancakes Day!

Since it falls on a Tuesday, we had an early celebration yesterday.

Following the one cup ratio recipe from Jamie Oliver, we made some nice pancakes -
American Style!

One cup of plain flour, one cup of milk, one beaten egg, one teaspoon of baking soda and
one tablespoon + one teaspoon of melted butter { or use vegetable oil }  -
to add some flavour we also added vanilla seeds fresh from the pod and chopped chocolates ...  

and Voila!

One ... Two ...

Three ... Four ... Five ...

Happy Pancakes Day Everyone!!!

Deliciously yours,

Photobucket Slow Roast Pork Chinese Style

I have to say that M&S is doing great in encouraging its customers to cook. After my first successful attempt of their 'Recipe for £6' a few weeks ago - I just did not hesitate to try their deal this week this time for £5!

Pick up four ingredients for £5 :

- Marinaded pork belly in chinese five spice ( for slow roast )
- Bag of Carrots
- Broccoli Florets
- Bag of potato to make some fluffy mashed potato

All for £5 ... Yes, I am serious!! And Tadaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!

Add caption

Thanks M&S for the lovely meal!

Will defnitely be back for more!!

Deliciously Yours,

Photobucket Copious HK breakfast

Woke up hungry?

My other half and I were watching some HK drama and saw them having this for breakfast.

And of course, I had to make some for my dearest :)  ...  he was so happy! Bless his little cotton socks!

{ Noodle soup with celery served with fried spam and egg }

With this kind of breakfast - No Lunch for him!!

Deliciouly Yours,

Photobucket Yalla Yalla!

My Lebanese Discovery continues ...

I've had an amazing time tonight catching up with girlfriend Miss Ope! It has been a long time since we last met up and a catching up session was long due.

Braving the icy cold to Oxford Street, it was not easy but I am now Thankful ^.^

"Let's go to Yalla Yalla" she suggested and I'm glad I said Yes :)

Found on a little street off busy Oxford Street, Yalla Yalla was a real hidden gem offering a warm retreat beirut style. As we were seated to the high tables, we were happy to be in such a pleasant atmosphere and ready to try Beirut Street Food!

Before we got to the ordering part {caught up in all the chit chatting :) } we were brought complimentary nibbles for starters : Olives and Pickled Green Chillies

As we had a quick look at the drinks menu, the selection of lemonades looked very interesting and we both decided to have the Apple, Mint and Ginger Mix. We were not too impressed when it came in a little glass with lots of ice but it was an enjoyable fresh drink which could have been better presented!

Hungry for food by now, we quickly ordered our mezzes to share and also a main to share ... By this time, this little piece of Beirut in Central London was already buzzing with a mix of customers from the casual couples on a date, girlfriends catching up {us} :) and also suited businessmen...  This is why I love London!!  ...ermm... so where were we??

Ahhh look at the food that came!!

Photobucket Mamounia Lounge - Mayfair

Thanks to my friend, @Vacheron_C,
I discovered a new place to dine tonight : Mamounia Lounge

Found on Curzon street in Mayfair, Mamounia Lounge is said to offer a 
luxurious experience in London where you can enjoy stunning dishes, 
unique cocktails and quality shisha.

After having a look at their website, I was expecting a more spacious venue 
but the atmosphere was as expected. Cosy and comfortable with the couch 
and cushions, it had a nice loungy feeling.

As we were meant to be catching up over drinks, we started off by having 
some cocktails. The drinks menu was pretty extensive so for those 
who know their drinks - happy days!! As for me, I decided to make it 
fruitilicious with a strawberry virgin mojito which was very fresh
 but sightly too sweet for my taste.

As I grew a little bit peckish, we decided to order some snacks. 
Here I am afraid that I was not impressed by the service. 
It took some time to manage to get the attention of the waiting staff and 
even after ordering, it seemed that they had some trouble getting 
our order to the kitchen and we ended up waiting for almost 
an hour for the food to come! {luxurious experience they say? }

Finally, our snacks arrived ...

Not very impressed with the service, but overall I have to agree that food was nice, 
{ :) falafel was crispy and tasty and I enjoyed the hot pita bread with the hummus }, 
drinks were good, and in good company  I did have an enjoyable experience!  

However, let down by the service, Mamounia Lounge 
did lose valuable points on my scoreboard!

I would try to go again for dinner maybe but the service better be 
good next time because I do not usually give 3rd chances! :)

Try it out and let me know what you think. 
For Shisha fans, a place to try if you want to get away 
from busy and polluted Edgware Road!

Mamounia Lounge - MAYFAIR
Curzon Street 
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