Photobucket Napolitaines from Mauritius

Surprise from Mauritius!

When my cousins came back from their trip to Mauritius, they brought me ' ene ti parcel', which means a little package from my mum.

What a nice surprise it was! And it was definitely not a small package!!

Yummmmmmmm.......   Delicious Napolitaines!

Just a bite! Just a bite! Crumbly pastry, fruity jam and a delicate slim layer of pink icing! Hmmmm...  :)

And in addition to these sweet tooth delights, my lovely mum also sent me some flowers - Anthuriums, they are called. So lovely! They all came from a very slim long box but when opened up, the flowers and leaves kept coming out!! I did not have enough vases to display them all so had to improvise with my glass bottles of water which I knew would come in handy at some point!! hehe!!

Oh and Look!! They come in three beautiful colours!

Simply Beautiful!!!

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