Photobucket STARBUCKS - Where is my Maccha Frapuccino?

Oh my! Wonderful weather in London today which is pretty rare especially here!

We were blessed by warm sunshine this weekend gone too {thankful!} ,
and although it was a bit shy today, we still managed to enjoy some rays
of sunshine and bits of blue sky.

It wasn't hot enough to crave for some ice crushed drinks as yet
{ Starbuck's Frapuccinos - to be precise } but this thought of Summer coming
{quickly I hope!} got me wanting the maccha frapuccino which is so popular
in the Far-East side of the world and yet, non-existent in London and Europe.

Hmmmm... doesn't this look tempting? ^.^

So what will it take to finally bring this flavour to the UK ??

I guess I will just have to travel across the world to get it myself!!

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