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My Lebanese Discovery continues ...

I've had an amazing time tonight catching up with girlfriend Miss Ope! It has been a long time since we last met up and a catching up session was long due.

Braving the icy cold to Oxford Street, it was not easy but I am now Thankful ^.^

"Let's go to Yalla Yalla" she suggested and I'm glad I said Yes :)

Found on a little street off busy Oxford Street, Yalla Yalla was a real hidden gem offering a warm retreat beirut style. As we were seated to the high tables, we were happy to be in such a pleasant atmosphere and ready to try Beirut Street Food!

Before we got to the ordering part {caught up in all the chit chatting :) } we were brought complimentary nibbles for starters : Olives and Pickled Green Chillies

As we had a quick look at the drinks menu, the selection of lemonades looked very interesting and we both decided to have the Apple, Mint and Ginger Mix. We were not too impressed when it came in a little glass with lots of ice but it was an enjoyable fresh drink which could have been better presented!

Hungry for food by now, we quickly ordered our mezzes to share and also a main to share ... By this time, this little piece of Beirut in Central London was already buzzing with a mix of customers from the casual couples on a date, girlfriends catching up {us} :) and also suited businessmen...  This is why I love London!!  ...ermm... so where were we??

Ahhh look at the food that came!!

Mezze 1 : Hommos Shawarma  { yes, again! - For some reasons I really like it for starters! } served with toasted pitta bread

Mezze 2 : Malake Samak - Deep fried tiger prawns, calamari and white bait with spring onions, crispy aubergine and chilli minted yogurt.  { Didn't expect it to be this big but who complains about getting bigger portions? It was definitely crispy with just the right amount of seasoning. Dipped in the chilli mint yogurt, the perfect combination! }

{Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice! It was a lovely dish!!} 

Mezze 3 :  Sfiha - Pastry filled with minced lamb, onion, tomato and pomegranate molases  { Beautiful parcels full of flavours }

For mains, we ordered the mix grill to share. We were glad we only ordered one dish for mains as we were already getting full after the mezzes ...  { Charcoal grilled mix of chicken skewer, lamb and kafta with grilled tomato and sumac onion salad served with vermicelli rice}

Very very tasty mix of meat and the rice was so light, fluffy and flavourful! Oh so gorgeous!!!

To quench our first { for speaking so much .. yes! Lots of catching up!! } we had some water that was brought to us in a really cute and interesting jug - see for yourself ... :)  I wonder if they sell it !?! :p

As we finished our meal, it was a shame that we were so full, that we did not consider having dessert! Yalla yalla definitely made an impeccable first impression and we both promised that we would be back for more and spreading the word!!

Service was friendly and attentive and just enough to feel looked after and not watched over! :)

Lovely... Very Lovely!! :) 

Thank you my dearest Miss Ope!! 

Yalla!! { means 'Let's Go' in Arabic } 

Beirut Street Food
12 Winsley Street
London W1F 0HA

{Apologies for the quality of the pictures - taken from mobile phone device }
{ Next time I'll ensure my proper camera is with me! }
{ Hope you enjoy it anyway! x }
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