Photobucket Japanese Tofu

To start off, in addition to pancakes day today, it is also the International Women's Day!

I wish you all Ladies out there a very Special Day!!

Today, I will share with you one of the fine ingredients which I love and show you how I prepare it 'my way'. =(^.^)=

~ Japanese Tofu ~

A very delicate ingredient, soft and so delicious.

You can buy Japanese Tofu from the Chinese Supermarket in Chinatown and it comes in a sealed tube. The First step is to cut the Japanese Tofu into 1.5cm thick slices.

Then heat up some oil in a pan ready to shallow fry the Tofu. It will look like scallops at this stage!

Once the Japanese Tofu is nicely fried and golden like this ...

... it can be used in many dishes... mixed with fresh stir fried green chinese vegetables or with some bean sauce and mince pork and vegetables like the dish below :

Hmmmmmmm Yummmmmm!!!

Bon Ap!!

Deliciously Yours,
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