Photobucket Wahaca - Mexican like I never had before!

After "movie night" with the girls last week, we ended the evening in WAHACA Soho.

What is Wahaca? - Well apparently, Wahaca is a phonetic spelling of Oaxaca, a place in Mexico. 
And in the markets of Mexico, it's all about delicious, authentic Mexican food made 
from fresh ingredients, eaten at any time of the day without any fuss and we loved it!

The place was busy when we arrived and we were directed to the bar to have some drinks 
while waiting for our table to be ready. The bar was located in the basement and it was actually 
more like a game room with a modern decor, with two foosball tables and a bamboo 
hanging/ swing chair which were pretty cool. 

{ Note to self: gotta bring the boys here for a game! :) }

Sooner than we thought, our table was ready and we were excited to start ordering! 
The menu was printed on the paper place mats and was very easy to choose from.


We started with some Tortilla Chips with Guacamole which also came with two salsas 
made fresh everyday -  the tomato salsa and the salsa verde. 
{ Be careful the salsa verde is pretty hot!!} 
 It was not outstandingly special but who doesn't like Tortilla with guacamole ...

Next we had some tacos with strips of beef, tostadas and taquitos. 
The Tacos were served tapas size. Small soft, corn tortillas topped with salsa, 
steak strips and some guacamole, just roll it up and give it a big bite! 
Maybe it was because we were hungry, but it did taste very nice. 
No need to say that the hint of spice did give it a pleasant kick!

For the tostadas, we selected the 'ceviche' option { with prawns }.  
Again a small tortilla but crispy this time, topped with shredded iceberg salad and 
ceviche mixed with a light creamy dressing which was very light. 
Would advise to have one order per person!

Crispy and Light - The Ceviche Tostada 

Finally, the Chicken Taquitos { which means 'little taco' } .  
Made from a small corn tortilla, filled with chicken, rolled and lightly fried, 
the taquitos were served topped with some salad, mixed salsa and cheese on top.

Chicken Taquito : "Tah - Kee- Toh" - 

Wahaca made a very lovely evening meal and I will be coming back for more! 
The bill was very friendly  too which is also a plus. 

Wahaca definitely does not offer the hot Mexican food we all are used to 
but it does offer a nice alternative to Mexican food.

8 Wardour Street
London W1F 0TF
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