Photobucket Tarte a la banane - Banana Tart from Mauritius

The smell of baking! How I've missed that!

I've had a bunch of bananas staring at me all week and after making smoothies far too
often this week, I started feeling a bit sick of smoothies so decided to do something
else with these (now) super ripe bananas!

A great idea came to mind and I decided to brave it!

I haven't made this for a long time now and even if it took me a while to gather the
equipments and the method to get it altogether ...

Tadaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! A typical Mauritian pastry which I've not had for too long!!

Not a perfect tart but it will do ... :) 

Tarte a la banane /  Banana Tart ...   Yes!! I made this!

First Mash the ripe bananas and then cook them in a non-stick pan until the moisture evaporates. Then pop into the prepared tin with the pastry and top with some technical lace operation. 
It's ready to cook in the oven! 
Glaze the tart with some milk (didn't want to waste an egg to glaze it up)
... and bake for 20-30 min ...  

Et Voila!!

Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream ... 

This was indeed a great idea!!!  I'm so proud of myself!! hehe!!!  
I'll share the complete recipe with you soon!! For now ... Let's enjoy this!!!


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