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If you fancy modern Indian Cuisine and want to stay away from the traditional Indian
'take-away' type atmosphere (and menu) ... step into Masala Zone (Covent Garden)
and you will be pleasantly welcomed into a colourful and vibrant restaurant where
you can relax and enjoy a different style of Indian Cuisine.

Their menu is well organised and offers a section of 'Street Food' which 
I would highly recommend as they are very tasty!

Tonight my girlfriend Ms. V and I entered the ' Masala Zone' 
for a catching up session and had a lovely time! 

After the waitress kindly explained how the menu worked to us, we  decided to go for 
their dinner set meal (£9.20) of two courses. 

For starters we selected the vegetarian cold dish - Dahi Puri.

It came as a couple on the dish  ^.^ and the waiter quickly advised: 
'do not break the shell', you have to put it all in your mouth to enjoy it as it should be ...

Dahi Puri - Puffed hollow biscuits filled with chickpeas & splashed with yogurt and chutney 

At first it does come to mind that it may be a bit big to take it as a mouthful, but just obey :)
As the crispy biscuit shell exploded inside my mouth, all the flavours just burst 
and it was deliciously tasty! 

The cold yogurt mixed with the texture of the chickpea and the sweet 
taste of the chutney. A delicious combination!

For mains, we both took the Chicken Thali which offered little bowls of different dishes. 
All you need to choose is the Curry type you wanted with the set.

Regular Chicken Thali 

I chose mine with the Chicken Korma and Ms. V with the Malabar Green Chicken Curry. 
As seen on the pic above, the Thali came accompanied with Rice,
 (you can choose to have it with Chapatti instead of rice), two sides of vegetables, lentils, 
a piece of poppadum and chutneys. Lovely! A simple meal but with great variety!

Masala Zone is a great place for an alternative to the usual Indian Place and 
I will definitely be going back!

Covent Garden
48 Floral Street
London WC2E 9DA
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