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After a first visit to Mamounia Lounge Mayfair a few months ago, this weekend Mr. A and I had a really amazing evening at their new branch recently opened in Knightsbridge.

Located just a few metres away from iconic Harrods, Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge is a hidden gem offering a Fusion of Moroccan and Libanese Cuisine.  Although it looked
quite small from the outside, as we went in, it offered a pretty good organised space for a Restaurant with a lovely décor inside. We were politely greeted by the host and escorted to the bar where we started our evening.

I had heard that they made excellent cocktails and had to try one! 
We were given an extensive drinks menu to choose from 
{which I'm sure would cater to everyone's need!} 
and I was very happy to see that they also offered an interesting 
non-alcoholic cocktails section in addition to the usual fruit juices available.

Being a fan of mojitos, we tried the classic virgin Mojito as well as the Strawberry Mojito.

Beautifully Presented Strawberry Mojito 

Once our drinks were ready, we were keen to sit down for dinner. 
The front part of the restaurant was already buzzing with customers while at the back 
it seemed to offer a much more quiet and private space, which looked more inviting to us. 
As we walked further to our table, I was pleasantly pleased by the beautiful interior 
which gave a very cosy and stylish feeling as we were seated.

Next comes the food section ...

For starters, we decided to go for a variety of mezzes {cold ones and hot ones }. 
No visit to a Libanese Restaurant goes without a good plate of Hommus Shawarma
served with hot pitta bread. What can I say?! It was perfection!! 
The hommus had the perfect texture, the sliced lamb was delicious and 
the pitta bread served warm was the Golden Star! A definitely "Must Try"!

Another mezze dish we tried was the Merguzze : A traditional Moroccan sausage 
with paprika, which was quite nice 

but the Moussakaa was my other favourite : A tasty mix of baked aubergine 
with chickpea, tomato and spices, served cold.

Next came the Pastilla of Chicken, one of my choice. 
A savoury chicken baked in a delicate pastry with almonds, cinnamon and 
a sprinkle of icing sugar.  The description sounded very nice and with my sweet tooth, 
I could not just imagine how it would taste { a savoury dish with icing sugar ... } 
so I simply had to try it out.

The opposing sweet and savoury taste was awkward at the start but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
The pastry was still crispy and accompanied with a bit of the Moussakaa 
to add some moisture, it was a great combination.

Last but not least as a starter, we had the Grilled Halloumi Cheese which 
was recommended by the Manager. It appeared tasty as it was served but was very salty. 
I guess it takes an acquired taste to enjoy it!

After such a lovely selection of hot and cold mezzes, we were worried that we would 
not be able to have our mains but trust me, it's all about the spacing ...

As soon as we finished our starters, we took our time and enjoyed the atmosphere, 
the music, and the loungy comfort. Soon after, our mains arrived. 

I had ordered the Lamb Tagine with a side of buttered couscous, while my Mr. A 
went for the Mixed Grill with a side of Mamounia Special Rice. 

Everything looked delicious. 

My Lamb Tagine had wonderful flavours and the lamb shoulder was so soft and tender. 
The crushed almonds added texture to the dish and combining the light and
crumbly couscous with the tagine sauce was simply delicious!

Similarly, the Mixed Grill was excellent. The meat was well marinaded and flavourful. 
There was a mix of Lamb pieces, Chicken pieces and Kafta,
all of them cooked to perfection still juicy and full of flavours.

Accompanied with a side of Mamounia Special Rice, the Mixed Grill made 
a fabulous complete meal! Tasty ... very tasty special rice it was! 

Not sure how they made it but it surely was special!  
Not by the looks { as you can see } ^_^ but it will not disappoint!

Shortly after our mains were served, the music started to get a bit louder and 
to our surprise, a very sexy belly dancer started performing, dancing near our table... 
It was a nice entertainment while enjoying the delicious food :)

To end on a sweet note, the manager firmly recommended to have the 
Chocolate Fondant for dessert, which was the house speciality. 
It seemed we could not refuse!

Heard of the expression : "Death by chocolate" ?  ^_^ This was literally what it was! 
As soon as the spoon broke into the crusty shell, a soft chocolate sauce oozed out and 
O-M-G ...  heavenly chocolate explosion! 

If you are a chocoholic, this is the ultimate treat! 
Plan your meal well and save enough space for this evil but wonderful treat!

To ease digestion at the end of the Royal Meal we'd just had, 
a good cup of Turkish Mint Tea made the trick. Nicely served in beautiful silverware.

What a Feast! What a Wonderful Feast! Mamounia Lounge offered one of the 
best Middle Eastern Experience I've ever had in London and this is not 
only based on the food quality but also the service, and the atmosphere.

To get a taste of it yourself, make a booking and remember 
the chocolate fondant when ordering your meal!  :)

Mamounia Lounge
136 Brompton Road
London SW3 1HY
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