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I usually am not too keen on travelling all the way to Queensway for Chinese food but for 
a special visit from abroad, I was glad I did.

Royal China has a great reputation for serving one of the best dim sum in London and
 I must say that even for dinner, the food was pretty good. 
Set in a stylish and contemporary decor, Royal China was as asual, busy that night!

For starters, we had my favourite: the seafood wrap served with lettuce.

This is how it's served:

FIRST : The Seafood Mix 

Wrap it up on a leaf of Lettuce and yummmm !!! 
Our second starter was the salt and chilli baby squid.

Crispy Golden Squid 

For Mains, to ensure everyone would be happy with the choices, we had a great variety coming to us!
Just speaking about it makes me hungry as the dishes were all so delicious!

Beautiful Crispy Roast Duck

Fukien Rice 

Chilli Glazed Prawns 

Sirloin Beef with Bamboo Shoot & Oyster Sauce 

Mapo Tofu with minced beef 

Pork and Preserved Vegetable Hot Pot 

My oh my, that was a beautiful meal! 
The Mapo Tofu was my favourite of all. 

The Tofu was so soft and the sauce with it really tasty. 
The flavour of the fried minced beef, the vegetables and the spicy sauce 
was just perfect with the tofu.

If you're looking for an alternative to the regular Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, 
definitely think of Royal China. It might be a little dearer on the cost side 
but you will be satisfied with the quality of the food.

ROYAL CHINA - Bayswater 
13 Queensway 
London W2 4QJ
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