Photobucket At The Diner in Central London

If you are looking for an all American Style Diner in London, simply head to 
The Diner in Soho just off popular Carnaby Street in the West End London.

Simple and uncomplicated, with everything you would expect from a Diner 
(speaking from experience through what can be seen on TV ), the only thing 
missing would probably be the waitresses on their roller skates! 
Oh well, can't get everything nowadays!! :p

Very Original Logo of The Diner 

So one lovely afternoon, we grabbed a quick bite at The Diner and were left pretty 
happy after our very copious meal!

As starters, the chilli fries were a treat! I have not had chilli fries for a very long time 
and after having tasted this one, I will definitely be coming back for more! 
We also had their onions rings to share as a starter which pretty much 
lost attention next to the chilli fries!

Very unhealthy fried starters but so yummy when eaten! 

For mains, unless you are really hungry for carbs, I would not recommend the burrito! 
So filling and heavy, it felt like eating a brick and especially after the chilli fries ... 
hmm...  if I knew I'd have the chilli fries as my main! :)

Not so attractive Burrito when it was served ... 

But then again ... when I saw The Diner burger coming, it was clear I'd made the wrong choice 
with the burrito which only looked appetising on the menu...

The Diner Burger served as an Open Bun ...  Look at the bacon and cheese! omg!

I had a bite and I guess you can never go wrong with a Burger at a Diner! :)   
It looked scrumptious and it was!

This time we did not have any dessert but it's on my list to try and next time 
we will go straight for the dessert section ... ok... maybe a portion of chilli fries to get us started! 
hehe... We shall see when the time comes!

The Diner we visited was the one in Soho but depending on where is most convenient for you, 
The Diner also has a branch in Islington, Camden, Shoreditch and Kensal Rise.

18 Ganton Street 
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