Photobucket Day out in Camden Town

Being a Sunny (but still freezing cold!) winter Sunday, we decided to spend the day out and head to Camden Town.

It has been a while since my last visit there and thought it'd be a good idea to see how Camden Town Lock changed since the fire that took it down a few years ago ...

And of course, no day out happens without a nice 'Gourmet Pause'.  ^.^  As we walked by the Fish & Chips stall, we just had to stop! It looked so crispy and golden!

My Foodie companions went for the 'Fish & Chips ' box which was very, very filling.
 { Note to self : a box is enough for 2 to share - don't be greedy!  ^.^  }

Not wanting to go for fried foods today, I chose to have a Turkish Wrap - 'freshly made - as they stated. I've never heard of Turkish wraps before and thought it looked very tasty!

Wrap with Turkish Sausage, spinach and cheese inside, grilled on both sides - Put some chopped iceberg lettuce leaves and dressing on top and roll ... ta daaaaaaaahhhhhh ^.^

My Fiance, he went for a very copious meal : The Chicken Kebab with sauce served with rice and salad and also a wrap ...

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we treated ourselves to some Brazilian Doughnuts : Churros
Deep fried dough, rolled in sugar & cinnamon and filled in with creamy chocolate sauce.

A lovely weekend for the brave, who made it through the freezing cold just to enjoy a little bit of sun!

Camden Town 
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