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Last November, I was in Singapore and I keep a very fond memory of a fabulous meal I had at :

Famous for their Chilli Crab, it was a stop not to miss!!  

The dishes I would recommend to have are the following :

Fresh Sri Lanka Crab cooked in a robust chilli sauce, flavoured with prawn paste, 
garlic and many other spices. {dish to die for! }

{ the fried buns dipped in the chilli sauce ... oh!!  yummy!!! 

 Don't be afraid to lick the sauce off your fingers - would be a shame to let it go to waste!  

*hehe!*  yes! Thaat Tasty!! }

Hokkien Style Steamed Fish with soft tofu, fresh tomatoes and a few chopped chilli 
pods bringing out the natural sweetness of the fish. 

Simple and full of flavours!

Last but not least, you just have to try the Super Crispy Cereal Prawns - 
Cereal encrusted deep fried prawns covered with crisp cereals - 
what can I say!  - s u c c u l e n t - !!

Fabulous meal in Hot and Spicy Singapore - definitely need to go back for more !

No Signboard Seafood
The Esplanade
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802

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