Photobucket Vietnamese Restaurant in London ChinaTown

After a late morning stroll in Covent Garden and ending up in Chinatown one weekend, 
My Fiance and I started to feel a bit hungry ...  

This time, we didn't want to go for the usual chinese Dim Sum 
so decided to try the Vietnamese Restaurant with a bright Red entrance 
located just next to one of Chinatown's Big Metal Gates.

To keep it light and healthy, we had the Vietnamese Spring Rolls for starters - 
thin rice noodles, fresh & crisp mint leaves, crushed peanuts and cooked prawns 
wrapped beautifully in wafer thin wrappers. 
Dip in the sweet chilli sauce and yummm ! 
It was so Fresh and so Tasty!

For Mains, I decided to go for the typical Vietnamese Pho - 
flat rice noodle soup, with beef balls and beef slices. 
This is served with a side plate of Fresh coriander and mint leaves, 
beansprouts and chopped fresh chilli.

We also had a side of Morning Glory to accompany our food.

My fiance, {also my foodie partner} went for a rice dish. 
Beautifully fried pork in vietnamese special sauce.
Not really sure what this really consisted of but it tasted really nice ! 
The dish also came with a slice of what tasted like a Pork Terrine which was okay -ish.

Overall, the meal was very satisfying. 
It was like having home cooked food in a very casual and relaxed atmosphere 
and even the service was good : attentive and friendly. 

The bill was very reasonable {on the cheap side} and it offered everything 
we were expecting for a light lunch : good food, relaxed surrounding 
and not too heavy on the wallet!

Vietnamese Restaurant
34-36 Wardour Street
London W1D 6QT 
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