Photobucket Cafe Rouge - A trip to a typical french brasserie

Fancy a little French experience in Central London?

Only a few days left to enjoy the 2 for 1 deal at Cafe Rouge!

Sometimes when we don't feel like cooking and eating at home,
these deals often come in handy! { Especially when we're not looking to spend too much! }

Not usually the place we'd choose to go but with a good deal ... it's hard to let it go! :)
And we are most of the time pleased with the food! I have to say that here the highlight
was the french fries! The steak was okay-ish but the French Fries = Thin strips
and so crispy- recommended! If only the waiting staff were French, it would really
feel like being in a brasserie in Paris!

Get your voucher here and enjoy saving a little bit while enjoying a nice meal out!! 
{ Remember only 3 days to go! }


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