Photobucket Breakfast Time !! HK Style or Fully British ?

Good Morning Weekend!!!! And now ... , it is tome for some breakfast!

The All sweet HK breakfast with delicious filtered coffee {from Monmouth Coffee Shop in Borough Market }, Man T-heo  { Plain Chinese Steamed Dumplings } dipped in condensed milk ...

Simple, Easy and a really nice combination for a lazy breakfast! Especially for me, this breakfast definitely satisfies my sweet tooth and can keep me away from devilish sweet temptations all day!!

For my other half however, although he does enjoy the All-Sweet HK Style breakfast, sometimes, nothing can beat a full english breakfast!

Also very simple to make, I would rather prepare a nice English Breakfast for Mr. A at home rather than heading out for it. Being a very high fat ensemble for our tummy ... when I'm making it, I am sure I am able to cut as much fat as I can by trimming the bacon fat, getting the good meaty sausages, frying the eggs in good olive oil and most importantly, balanced with some green leafy salad!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Deliciously yours,
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