Photobucket Malaysian Food in London Chinatown

After a long day of wandering the streets of london {Chinatown and Nottinghill} during the weekend with my foodie companions, we decided to have dinner at this tiny little place on a little street off Wardour Street: C & R Malaysian Cafe & Restaurant.

Mr. D, a keen foodie himself, has been recommending their food quite a few times now and after we've tried it already once, it is now one of our favourite places for great value delicious food!

At first glance, it doesn't look like much but just take a seat and wait till the food arrives in front of you...

Some of the dishes tried and tested :

>> Stir fried, two types of noodles with seafood and vegetables <<

>> Oh so Spicy - Tom Yum Noodle Soup <<

>> Malaysian style Seafood Flat Rice Noodle Soup <<

Hainanese / Malaysian Chicken & Rice ... { must be eaten with the chilli sauce }
One of our Favourites!! Not to miss! :) 

>> Malaysian Spicy Fried Rice Malaysian Style with Sambal Sauce << 

In addition to the food, do try the Malaysian Ice Milk Tea - with Pearls or without - it's something new to try!  

C & R Malaysian Cafe & Restaurant 
3-4 Rupert Court 
London Chinatown
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