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What is Moun-Fan?

Moun-Fan is a childhood dish of mine which I really like! To briefly describe this dish, I'd say it's like a chinese version of the well known indian biryani - but less the spices and less the oil! In fact, I am not sure if it is actually chinese ...  it probably originates from Chinese families living in Mauritius only!

Easy to make, you can put   { practically}   anything in it and adapt the recipe as you like.

I like it my way as below  (^.^) -  { cooked in a rice cooker }

This is how I make it : Moun-Fan, Shirl's Style 


Ingredients :

- 2 cups of jasmine rice
- 2 dried chinese mushrooms - soaked overnight and sliced and marinade with a little soya sauce - mix
- 2 chinese sausages sliced diagonally
- 1 sliced onion and chopped garlic
- 3 chicken thighs - cut in smaller pieces - marinaded in soya sauce
- 1 dried scallop - soaked overnight
- salt and pepper to taste
- soya sauce
- some oil for frying

Method :

- Heat some oil in a pan
- When hot enough, add the sliced onion, garlic, then add the sliced chinese sausages, the chinese mushrooms and the soaked dried scallops. Season with salt and pepper.
- Leave the pan to sizzle, mixing all the ingredients continuously { a blissful aroma of all the ingredients will fill the kitchen ... Mmmm.... }
- Remove from pan and add to the rice cooker pot
- Next add the marinaded chicken pieces { I use a non-stick pan so I do not add any extra oil }
- Fry the chicken pieces until slightly golden on the outside - only partly cook the chicken to avoid overcooking in the rice cooker
- Once golden, add to the rice cooker pot
- Wash the rice, then add to the hot pan to de-glaze the pan and pick up the chicken flavours stuck to the pan {this is the best bit }
- Add to the rice cooker pot and flavour with a teaspoon of soya sauce
- You will need to add a cup and a half of water for the rice to cook
- Close rice cooker and Cook the rice

After 20 minutes .... ta daaaaahhhhhhhh :)  Time to eat!

Bon Appetit Biensur!

Deliciously yours,
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