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The Hummingbird Bakery is one of my favourite place to satisfy my cravings for cupcakes.
Who can resist not going inside with such beautiful displays at their window? Well, at least ... {unfortunately} not me!

Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road during Valentine's Week 

As expected, as soon as I entered the bakery, the smell of cake baking just put a smile on my face. It was nice to see that the staff immediately acknowledged me and offered to assist me, however, I was not ready ... I like to take my time to choose my selection wisely!

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes with Colourful Buttercream Frosting

Although the colourful cupcakes are usually the ones that catch my eyes first, I am often more attracted to trying more interesting flavours and textures.

Double Cupcake Box to go please 

The Classics are the ones I went for. There's nothing better than a classic, isn't it?

The Red Velvet Cupcake 

Attracted by its name and apparently the "customers' all-time favourite", I had to get one Red Velvet. Brightly red coloured, I was expecting like a raspberry taste {due to its colour}  that ... sadly wasn't. Not my favourite cupcake I must say - sponge felt a bit heavy on the tongue - , but the frosting never disappoints!

Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate 

Next, the Double Chocolate Cupcake and the Black Bottom Cupcake. Chocolate decadence! The chocolate sponge at Hummingbird is one of the finest I've ever had. Fluffy, light, oh so chocolaty and with the perfect level of sweetness, topped with the faultless frosting. simply heavenly! 

Carrot Cupcake

For a change in texture, the Carrot Cupcake is one to try.  The beautifully moist sponge with grated carrots and chopped walnuts, with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg taste, topped with the cream cheese frosting and cinnamon - I would definitely recommend as a breakfast treat with a nice cup of coffee! 

My Favourite !! 

On a final note, my favourite cupcake from the Classics at Hummingbird Bakery is definitely the Black Bottom Cupcake! 

Why not try one for yourself and let me know your thoughts? (^.^) 

The Hummingbird Bakery 
155a Wardour Street
Soho, London
(Also on Portobello Road and Old Brompton Road ) 
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