Photobucket Noodles + Chicken + Egg + Vegetables ... yum!

What's for dinner tonight?

Not much of eating out lately just because it is even better home made!

Tonight I felt like making a dish true to my roots : Mauritian Chinese (^.^)

This dish is called : "Poulet et Oeuf Roti " - basically it's a chicken and boiled eggs
concoction cooked in a sweet and salty sauce made from soya sauce and brown sugar.
I've made up the dish tonight as I remembered it from watching my Grand mother (popo)
cooking this dish when I was a kid and was not even allowed to boil an egg for fear
I would burn myself!

Good memory I will say!
It turned out tasting almost exactly the same although appearance wise.
I was too impatient to eat {blame it on my hunger! } to leave it to caramelise
properly to a darker colour. But still yummy!

But all in all... it made a very successful meal!

Served with stir fried noodles { plain with spring onions and soya sauce }
and some stir fried chinese vegetables with bamboo shoots,    ...

Dinner is READY!!!!

Bon App!


Deliciously Yours,
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