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I love Japanese Food.

The Japanese Cuisine offers a very wide variety of dishes, with different delicious
taste and textures. From its fresh tuna or salmon sashimi dipped in wasabi and soya
sauce, to a simple bowl of rice with grilled chicken teriyaki, or a bowl of miso soup
with tofu and seaweed in it ... one can never get bored of the Japanese cuisine.

I have tried quite a few Japanese restaurants in and around London and I have to admit
that being the greedy cow that I am, I usually end up ordering too much food wanting
to have little bits of everything and stuffing myself so much that often the whole
experience just loses a bit of its sparkles!

This time, I was happy to be able to combine most of the dishes I wanted to eat
- all in one Bento Box order- all in just the right amount ...

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry! 

So, on the menu :  Bento Box -  Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Ebi Karaage
{ instead of the tempura because I like how super crispy this version is!  }
, yakilori { tender marinaded meat on stick with sweet teriyaki sauce } ,
California Rolls and a spicy seafood salad!

A very copious meal already but of course {bad habit} I had to order a bit more!

On the side, I could not resist ordering the soft shell crab roll ...
with the spicy mayo ... ooomfphh!!!
My mouth is salivating already just by the thought of it! :p

Ahh... well, with some green tea at the end of the meal, it was perfect!
Although I would have loved to have the green tea ice cream for dessert,
I just had to say No! Let's not be too greedy!

Oh and do try the Strawberry and Kiwi juice that they make fresh!
Had a sip from my other half's drink and it was pretty good!

SATSUMA Japanese Restaurant  
56 Wardour Street
London W1D 4JG
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