Photobucket Beautiful Easter in London! ~ Brunch at Valerie's ~


What a beautiful Easter Weekend!  Blessed with wonderful hot and sunny days,
there is no wonder why the parks in London have been so packed and busy
these past few days!

To celebrate Easter Sunday, Mr. A and I decided to stay away from Central
and we took a nice little walk close to home soaking up the sun.
Strolling by buzzing Spitalfields Market, we stopped for brunch at Patisserie Valerie.

Brunch at Patisserie Valerie is one of my favourite! It's uncomplicated, good selection
of choices on their menu and their Egg Benedict Royal is simply to die for!
I particularly like how they serve the poached eggs on a toasted slice of brioche
which is crunchy on the outside, but still soft on the inside. In addition, I find the
sweet taste of the brioche complimenting the hollandaise sauce and the
poached eggs wonderfully. Not to mention the smoked salmon, which is served
just in the right amount. A little bit more would overpower the dish, while a little
less would leave an unsatisfied customer! (ie. me!)  I have not yet had any better
Eggs Benedict Royal! So I'm still on the look out!

Happy Day in the Sun with Mr. A @ Patisserie Valerie 

Mr. A decided to go for a Valerie's Burger to satisfy his hunger. 
Served with golden French Fries and salad, it was a very copious meal! 
For drinks, we both went for an Iced Caffe Frappe.

What a Wonderful Brunch it was!! 

37 Brushfield Street
Spitalfields Market
London E1 6AA 
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