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Who hasn't tried Burger and Lobster yet? 

 It has been super popular since its very first opening in Soho about 2 years ago and now has a few branches opened around London for everyone to enjoy. The surrounding is trendy and buzzing all the time and is a great place to hang out with friends! But above all, I don't know anywhere else where you can enjoy a Lobster feast for £20! Definitely worth a visit if you haven't done so yet! 

The menu is as simple as its name : Burger or Lobster? :) 
 Then, all you need to choose is the size and which sauce you want it with. 
It cannot be simpler than this! 

We tried them all! :p 

Lobster Roll - Chunks of lobster in a brioche roll served with fries and salad

Lobster Rolls are for the ones who do not want to get their hands too dirty trying to 'scrape' the meat out of the Lobster Shells! Still yummy though and I love that they use brioche instead of standard bread rolls as the brioche adds a special sweetness and crunchiness when it's toasted! 

Burger and chips

 So when given the choice of Lobster or Burger for the same price, surprisingly some people do opt for the burger ... Seafood allergy maybe??  (-_-)  
Ah well... Nothing special about the burger but it is a Good burger so it you are a burger person, you will not be let down. 

And the Best for Last .... 

The Star Dish - The Lobster 

And there it is. We opted for a platter to share between ourselves so we ended up with a huge lobster with unlimited fries and salad. 

When dining with a big group (at least 4ppl), this is what I will recommend as the unlimited fries and salad is a nice bonus to share! 

For drinks, the complimentary water came in handy :)  and they also have a good collection of cocktails and for me, mocktails to offer! They can prepare any cocktails you want even though their menu is on the simple side. 

So if you're looking for a special place to go for Valentine's Day and Burger and Lobster is still on your list of places to try out ... I say go for it! :)  You will not be disappointed! Just Dig in! :D 


Mayfair - Soho - City - Farringdon - Knightsbridge 

We enjoyed the one in City and Soho. Both lovely locations although the Soho one can get really really busy in the evenings, so my preferred location is the branch in City near St Paul's. 

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