A New Year to look forward to - Happy New Year 2014 !

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!!! 

I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season! It has been a while since my last post (more than a year! ) and it is time to jump back on the blogging train. I cannot believe that 2013 has gone by so quickly and I have missed you so much!!! 

Now, now ...  there is a lot of catching up to do for sure and I hope that you will stay tuned this new year to see what delicious adventure awaits for the Beautiful Fat Cow Photobucket

A lot has happened since my visit to Shoreditch and I have plenty to share with you this 2014 ! 

Thank you for reading and joining me in my simple but beautiful life! 

Love & cupcakes.

Deliciously Yours,

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