Old Saigon - Vietnamese Dinner in Putney

For a change, that weekend, a friend managed to convince us to travel to Putney 
( South Central London)  to try this Vietnamese Restaurant 
where he has been having lunch almost everyday! 

We rarely travel so far for a meal, but because he did not stop praising the food at Old Saigon, 
we had to go see what the fuss was all about! 

And we are glad that it did not disappoint! 
We had a selection of starters as our meal to be able to taste maximum dishes and it was the best idea.

Recommending : 

vietnamese crispy pancake - chicken & bean sprouts

fresh summer rolls with prawns

Spring Rolls

Soft Shell Crab with Salt, Chilli and Garlic 

Chargrilled quail with honey and garlic 

We were not all willing to try the Frogs Legs but as I have never tried it, we gave it a go ...

It was nice ... but I wouldn't be craving for that ... ever ... :p

Fried Frog legs with butter, chilli and garlic 

Our last dish was the beef medallions which was superb. 
Well seasoned and full of flavour, it was simply delicious!

Stir fried beef medallions on salad 

No doubt that if this restaurant was not so far, we would be visiting very often but sadly ... 
it is quite the trip away for all of us. Lucky for you people who live in Putney!

The Restaurant also offers home delivery in Putney which I think is great! 

It was a lovely experience, very affordable and cheerful! We HEART Old Saigon! 

4 Chelverton Road
Putney, London
SW15 1RH

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